Seed to Self Journey

Experience what's possible in a truly ethical textile value chain

The Seed to Self Journey is a journey of learning and self-discovery, through the organic cotton regions of South India. You will be taken on a transformative journey to learn the impact of the current fashion paradigm, and more importantly, the way to move forward to a more holistic way. You’ll explore the inner and outer change that can weave positive transformation into the fashion industry and the clothes we wear.

As a member of the fashion industry, a socially conscious individual or as our friend, we invite you to join us on a life-changing and values-based journey that will also be rich in experiences and full of enjoyment.

So join us, and be part of revolutionising the fashion industry.

Experience the Journey

We believe the only way to make change in the fashion industry sustainable, is to have it rooted firmly in our changed worldview; personal and organisational changes go hand in hand.

On this epic inner and outer mind journey, we will have the extraordinary opportunity to follow the Indian cotton textile value chain from its source to its final destination, meeting organic farmers, artisans and other workers behind the scenes.

Experience a grand symphony of colours, tastes, and sights of the country, the transforming nature of the textile industry, the unique opportunity to deepen our consciousness and the significant shift in the effectiveness of our lives.

This is not a conventional approach to transforming industry practices; however times like these demand unconventional means. We believe the only way to make change sustainable is to have it rooted firmly in our changed worldview. Personal and organisational change go hand in hand.

Experience glimpses of what is possible in a truly ethical value chain and we promise you will have fun in the process of learning and enriching your life.

Meet the people

Seed to Self Journey is a project started by fashion professional Theresa Grantham and cotton textile industry expert and Ashoka India Fellow Gijs Spoor.

The journey builds on the exceptional value chain development work done by Gijs Spoor and Mani Chinaswamy, founder of the Ethicus brand, Appachi Cotton and the Cotton Trail.

Senior executive coach, Louise Mara, will facilitate high-level visioning while Gijs will guide the group using the field experience to make decisions grounded in the day-to-day reality of farmers, workers and business professionals. Louise is a renowned leadership coach and she believes deep connection to our own, others, the environment and the wisdom, enables greater possibility for growth and transformation.

Your host is the dynamic Theresa Grantham. With 35 years of fashion industry experience, she designed this journey to change the fashion paradigm to a collaborative holistic approach.

You will also make great friends with yourself, with others and with the journey you are on.

Enjoy the process

Join us on a journey of enquiry and conversation that leads to transformations within individuals and the cotton textile production and trade systems.

At each point we give you tools for your toolbox that you will carry with you for the rest of your life journey.

  • Better understand ourselves and our strengths

  • Better understand how the world needs our strengths to create a more whole world

  • Help conversations occur within the industries present to see what transformation is possible

  • Deepen our understanding of others and how we work with people in the organic cotton supply chain

  • Create a heart connection to the earth so transformation is lasting

  • Ensure group safety and optimal group processes so that true learning and integration can occur

Who is this for?

  • Fashion and textile designers, buyers and retailers

  • Production and manufacturing personnel

  • Fashion marketing and media

  • Fashion and textile educators and students

  • Value and supply chain managers

  • Ethically sustainable innovation agencies

  • Socially and environmentally conscious individuals

What will you experience?

  • Meet stakeholders in the organic cotton supply chain including farmers, artisans and workers behind the scenes

  • An journey of self-reflection with a spiritual leadership coach to guide and support you

  • Five-star accommodation at The Serai (Kabini) and Great Mount Resort (Coco Lagoon)

  • Relax and rejuvenate with a selection of premium Ayurvedic and spa treatments

  • Explore a wildlife reserve where you might see elephants, leopards and cheetahs in their natural habitat

Join us

Dates: 15 – 21 April 2018

Location: Karnataka & Tamil Nadu, South India

Participants: Individuals and groups welcome, limited to 20 people

Registrations: Registrations are open now and close at the end of December 2017

Information pack: A full itinerary and information sheets on the programme is available

Fill in the form to register your interest or to find out more about this dynamic and transformational journey. Information packs on the journey, inner transformation work, itinerary and costs are available.

Download the invite: Click here to download the invite for Seed to Self Journey 2018.

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Our Partners

Appachi Eco-Logic


The Appachi Eco-Logic Project  brings together farmers of the Kabini region, encouraging them to grow traditional varieties of cotton. Appachi Eco-Logic helps farmers to convert from genetically modified cotton to growing environmentally friendly Eco-Logic cotton, thereby eliminating harmful pesticides and insecticides. This helps to reverse the damage done to water resources and animal life in the region. The project also educates farmers in traditional and scientific methods of growing sustainable and high-quality cotton consistently. With over 65 years of cotton experience and expertise, Appachi Cotton is preserving the cotton legacy that’s three generations old. Appachi Eco-Logic is truly a “Farm to Fashion” story that connects everyone in the value chain, from the farmer to the end consumer.

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Unity House


Unity House is an individual and group coaching and development practice that brings together many years of practice in meditation, mindfulness, nature-based programmes and consciousness levels, yoga, Qigong, transpersonal psychology and shadow work and how these inform and combine with excellence at work. Unity House is led by Louise Marra, who has post-graduate university qualifications in environmental management, public policy and Jungian and transpersonal psychology as well being a certified coach. Louise’s leadership experience has spanned all sectors, having held senior leadership and governance roles within Government, the private sector, philanthropy and the NGO sector. She has been an advisor to the Prime Minister, co-director of a company, led a collaborative government office, and has aided the set-up of social innovation labs both for the Government and Foundation North’s Centre for Social Impact.

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