Seed to Self

A project-based charitable organisation that is making fashion a force for change

Our Story

Seed to Self was founded to change the paradigm in the textile industry from an unsustainable scenario in terms of social, environmental and economical factors, to a spiritually-fulfilling and conscious value chain.

Our goal is to create conscious consumerism by offering transformational learning experiences.

Currently, there are two projects available: Seed to Self Matatika, a fashion design institute programme and the Seed to Self Journey, a professional learning journey. Both projects are grounded in the values, mission and vision that make Seed to Self a force for change.

We want to create a profound systemic change that begins with consciousness as a foundation for sustainability. We aspire for our work in the textiles industry to act as a model for other industries to follow.

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Seed to Self Matatika

Fashion speaks to creativity, ingenuity, beauty and aspiration. These same qualities can be configured to form the change required for all members of the industry value chain to thrive.

Join Seed to Self Matatika to learn how you, as a design student, can leverage your knowledge and career aspirations with the inspirational qualities of fashion to create a significant positive shift towards conscious consumerism.

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Seed to Self Journey

Change occurs when we find new ways of being that lead to new patterns of doing. Then our actions come from a place of wisdom. There we find meaning and fulfilment.

Come on the Seed to Self Journey, a project to co-create this shift in our thinking so we can begin to weave new sustainable behaviours in the fashion industry.

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Driving the change


Theresa Grant

Theresa has a track record being an innovative and industrious international success as a wholesaler of sustainable product, manager of brand retail stores and owner of the largest private art gallery in New Zealand. She also has a history of supporting emerging artists and creative events. And, now she has turned her attention to recreating the fashion industry.


Gijs Spoor

Every since he was eight years old, Gijs knew he needed to be the change he wanted to see. With academic credentials in Organic Agriculture and Fairtrade and a flare for innovation, award-winning Gijs has influenced the fashion industry globally by modeling a collaborative approach involving all links in the textile value chain. Now he is developing a new approach to consumerism.

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